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by Dennis Polifroni

“This is a true story.

The events depicted took place in Minnesota.

At the request of the survivors,

the names have been changed.

Out of respect for the dead,

the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.”

Read it carefully.  It’s a trick.

This is not a TRUE story.  It’s not about real people or incidents.  It’s not about crime cases that are rotting away in browning, paper folders in a police department filing cabinet labeled: UNSOLVED.

The opening statement, that precedes every episode of FARGO, and the film that inspired it, is a brain twister. It’s a nifty play on words. What you see and hear after that bullshit statement IS a story. It a PURE story, no meaning behind it. It’s a PURE yarn. Hence, a TRUE story.

And, a great story at that.

Ok, I’ll confess.

FARGO isn’t as timely or as important as THE HANDMAIDS TAIL, there’s no message or parallel with the horrors going on in today’s world.  FARGO isn’t an entertaining history lesson, based on fact, and elegantly presented, like THE CROWN. FARGO doesn’t hone in on important domestic and philosophical topics buried in the entertainment like THE SOPRANOS or SIX FEET UNDER. (more…)

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