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by Sam Juliano
I want to thank everyone who participated/is participating in our now winding down Greatest Television Series Part 2 at WONDERS IN THE DARK.  While it was on balance the least successful of all our genre polls, we can surely chalk that up to the fact that by even staging it after the far greater success of Part 1, we were conceding a decline in interest.  Overall the comment and page view today are down, but we did still have some impressive spurts in both modes of measurement.  As to the quality of writing we maintained our highest standards even with a preference to the capsule with this particular project.  Still, some in the fraternity wrote longer pieces and one writer, the indomitable Adam Ferenz astoundingly penned one-quarter of the entire countdown himself.
I continue to receive private messages inquiring what might be next up.  Some on the other hand may be thinking that enough is enough after consecutive genre countdowns on the musical, the comedy, the western, the romance, the childhood, the science-fiction, the animation, the film-noir and the horror.  All but three of those were done by the full community membership.  (Only the horror-by Jamie Uhler and three others; the film noir by Maurizio Roca and the animation by Stephen Russell-Gebbet were not done by the full membership).  At 63 years old, I too am questioning the logistics of pushing forward and the daunting commitment of each project.  I do not feel I have performed well for this part 2, perhaps because of its coming on the heels of two consecutive grueling endeavors – Part 1 of the Television countdown and the Caldecott series, where I had to write all 40 or so reviews myself.


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