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Solid psychodrama “The Captain” from Germany seen at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan

by Sam Juliano

We are only a hop, skip and a jump from August 2018, confirming the certainty that time is flying by and that the last state of the summer is upon us.  For the second year in a row my family will be traveling down to Sunset Beach, North Carolina for an eight-day trip (12th to 20th) to a beautiful vacation condo, only a half hour’s drive from Myrtle Beach, SC where our good friend and Voting Tabulator Extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. presently resides.  At the site we will basically be featuring Jim Clark’s continuing and superlative Ingmar Bergman series and the essays on other figures that will follow it.  Other writers like Dennis Polifroni, J.D. Lafrance and myself will also be publishing reviews and the 2018 Caldecott series will resume in mid-September.  A Greatest War Films Countdown is being planned for April or May of 2019.  Voters will be asked to choose in order their 50 top war films.  Prior to that project we will again be staging the Third Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival with Jamie Uhler at the helm.  Jamie will also be leading up a horror film lead in as we crawl closer to Halloween.

My lifelong friend and author Peter Danish will be shooting his first film, an anti-Trump feature titled The Blind Date sometime in mid-August.  His banner leads up the MMD.  Stay tuned for more on that exciting venture. (more…)

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