Archive for August 6th, 2018

by Sam Juliano

Scorching temperatures which are generally the very definition of the year’s eighth month are upon us with only some precipitation reprieves working to lessen the impact.  The reigns at the site have been assumed by Jim Clark and J.D. Lafrance, two enormously talented and resilient writers who will be active on this front as the primary film writers until perhaps May of 2019 when the third Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival -to be followed by the Greatest War Films Countdown will be ruling the content.  My own writing will mostly be in the service of the sixth Annual Caldecott children’s book series from late September till January, but that effort will run alongside the film work from Jim and J.D.  For the second consecutive year my family and I will be traveling by car to Sunset Beach, North Carolina for a week long vacation at a location just a half hour drive from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where my friend Voting Tabulator Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. resides.  We will be leaving early on Sunday, August 12th, and will return to New Jersey on Monday, August 20th.  My wife Lucille will be undergoing a partial knee replacement on September 10th as a result of excessive arthritis.  The “partial” is always much less intrusive than the “complete.”  The procedure will mean she will be taking a two-week break from her Principal’s position in the same school I teach at – the Number 3 Annex. (more…)

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