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by Sam Juliano

Summer 2018 is close to becoming a statistic with the new school year, football, autumn leaves and horror film lovers all sending notice that their time of the year is imminent.  Here at Wonders in the Dark, the film duties have been handles spectacularly well by Canadians Jim Clark and J.D. Lafrance, with Yours Truly ready to step in soon with my sixth annual Caldecott Medal Contender Series, which consider’s the year’s children’s books.

Lucille and I with our five children spent eight days in Sunset Beach, North Carolina from August 12th till the 20th, and has a mighty fine time all things considered, though we did have a harrowing five hour span on Thursday the 16th trying to find our miniature pincher who dashed out the door after my younger daughter, whom he is glued to, left to swim in the complex pool.  We finally before dark through astonishing luck secured the dog with my daughter’s vital assistance before darkness set in.

The reviews have been extraordinary, but I was still somewhat skeptical heading into “Crazy Rich Asians” last night at a local theater. Yet, this fireworks display of familial crisis, accented with swirling color, captivating music and spirited performances including one from 91 year-old Lisa Lu playing the family matriarch, align to produce a gleefully engaging movie, effervescent and enormously appealing to its core. (more…)

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