Archive for September 3rd, 2018

by Sam Juliano

Labor Day 2018.  Stateside this inexplicable holiday when everything is closed down is the official announcement of summer’s end, but it is rarely acknowledged by Mother Nature who has her own scorching agenda.  Yet, the beginning of the month still signals a new school year, the start of the quality film season, the football season launching, and the lead-in to the Fall and the fun associations with Halloween.  On a personal note my wife Lucille will be in Engelwood Hospital for a partial knee replacement necessitated by severe arthritis (not MS related) on the 10th of the month.  All should be well, but of course this less-intrusive-than-a-full-knee-replacement will keep her out of the Principal’s office for 10 days to two weeks it seems.

Jim Clark and J.D. Lafrance continue to treat Wonders in the Dark readers with masterful film reviews, keeping the site marvelously relevant.

Two films were seen over the past two days in multiplexes – Aneesh Chaganty’s “The Searching” forwards an original point of view utilizing smartphones and computer screens (especially FB) and “Operation Finale” is a mixed effort with a great subject but ineffective pacing and a dearth of deeper context, wasting strong performances by Ben Kingsley as Nazi monster Adolf Eichmann and Oscar Isaac as the Israeli who uncovers his hiding place in 1960 Argentina.


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