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by Sam Juliano

Thanks to our film writer J.D. Lafrance for sorting out and re-starting the Twitter feed for the site.  As a result traffic has improved.  The annual Caldecott Medal Contender series is set to launch in a week to ten days and will continue until January, though the number of reviews planned to pen is a matter of uncertainty.  Our resident writers Jim Clark and J.D. continue to provide readers with extraordinary and diverse essays.

Lucille is set to have her partial kneed replacement later this morning in Engelwood where I will be holed up awaiting this stressful episode.  I’m sure all will be well and appreciate those offering their well wishes.

In a rural village in present day Zambia, an orphaned eight-year-old girl is accused of being a witch in “I Am Not A Witch”  She’s offered a choice of punishments: either accept enslavement in state-run camp tethered to a white ribbon or risk transformation into a goat. With a story formed from research on real-life African witch camps, director Rungano Nyoni (in a fantastic feature debut) and cinematographer David Gallego (Embrace of the Serpent) craft a world—and unique cinematic voice nicely mixing Kafkaesque comedy, anthropological inquiry, poignant drama, and feminist fairytale. (more…)

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