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by Sam Juliano

She didn’t like to play with dolls, She didn’t like to skate.She learned to read quite early, And at an incredible rate.  She always took a book to bed,  With a flashlight under the sheet.  She’d make a tent of covers  And read herself to sleep.

                                                                –The Library, 1995, Sarah Stewart

America’s role as the leader of the free world and the guiding light of opportunity for those smothered by impoverishment hangs in the balance.  President Trump’s proposed wall along the US-Mexico border sends a toxic message to one of our two closest neighbors, a country on whose cooperation the United States’ national security and economic prosperity depends.  The “Land of Enchantment” is the United States’ third-largest trading partner and our common border is 1,970 miles long. Mexico collaborates on efforts to guard against extra-regional terrorists hypothetically using its territory to enter the United States. After twelve years of steadily declining migration, more Mexicans the United States than enter it each year. In January, it extradited its most notorious drug lord, “El Chapo” Guzman to the United States.

It makes no sense to undermine this relationship by building a permanent barrier along our border with Mexico. It is counterproductive to jeopardize badly needed cooperation by portraying Mexico as a sinister source of threats that should foot the bill for the wall (which, the 2018 appropriation makes clear, it will not have to do). Mexico certainly has problems, particularly corruption and human rights abuse. But these are aspects of the relationship the United States must work on, rather than push Mexico away with an aggressive construction project.  Above all a barrier at its essence reeks of inhumanity and nationalism and successful implementation of it would represent a return to a medieval mindset.


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