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by Sam Juliano

The nine hour version of the 1924 masterpiece Greed by Erich Von Stroheim has been found in a Berlin warehouse!  The Holy Grail of Holy Grails has now, miraculously become a reality.  This is that “everything stops” moment we can always hope for but never attain………..anyway, April Fools!!!!

The fourth month has arrived and with it comes rain, the allergy season, warmer weather, and for Lucille and I the annual Tribeca Film Festival, which commences late in the month this year, overlapping into May.  I am starting now to get my notes and suggestions together to put together a crammed schedule.  Lucille, who is coming along beautifully will again be my prime mate for a slew of screenings.  More about Tribeca as we get closer to the date in a few weeks.  J.D. Lafrance’s latest (and marvelous) weekly film review published this past week considers Oliver Stone’s 1987 Wall Street.  The great Jim Clark will be posting again soon following up on his stellar essay of Ingmar Bergman’s The Magician.  This past week Lucille and I saw two movies in theaters:

Hotel Mumbai based on the unspeakable terrorist attacks in Bombay and specifically at the Taj Hotel, in a multi-day operation that claimed the lives of 174 in the city, where 300 or more were wounded is a difficult film for me to recommend, and as as a lifelong friend and former English teacher stated “it can never be watched more than once”, yet it is exceedingly well-made, riveting and superbly acted (by Dev Patel, Anupam Kher, Arnie Hammer, Nazarin Boniardi and others) that I must award it a 4 of 5 rating. There are times I thought of the action flick “Die Hard” but of course the near-sadistic atrocities in that fateful event (India’s 9-11 to be sure) are only too real. The heroism, the matter of a split second determining life or death and shockingly the non-existence of the Indian military and police is mind boggling during this monstrous siege. We took in the 10:00 P.M. screening last night at the Ridgefield Park Starplex. (more…)

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