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by Sam Juliano

The warmer weather is becoming more regular in the transition month that is sure to expel the chill once and for all.  The fourth month of the year often is rain-soaked while the allergy season is initiated.  In just a bit over two weeks the Tribeca Film Festival will launch and Lucille and plan to attend many screenings.  The annual school Washington D.C. trip will be staged only few days after Tribeca ends and moi will again be serving as a chaperone for the seventh year consecutively.  Jim Clark’s latest in his ongoing Ingmar Bergman series will publish this week as will the most recent J.D. Lafrance film review.  The Third Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival will be held the second week of May, and once again Jamie Uhler will serve as chairman.  We are taking a break this year from genre countdowns, so the AFOFF will be the only group project staged at the site.

We are wishing our dear friend John Grant a speedy recovery from a health issue that seems now to be mostly sorted out.

Two-time Caldecott Medal winner Sophie Blackall and two of this past year’s Caldecott honorees, Oge Mora and Grace Lin appear at Brooklyn’s Word Bookstore for Sunday presentation!  Lucille, Jeremy and I have seen and met the great children’s literature author-artist Sophie Blackall (Hello Lighthouse) many times over the past years, but we were so honored to meet and chat with the young and fabulously talented Oge Mora and Grace Lin, who won Caldecott Honors this year for their sublime masterpieces, “Thank You Omu” and “A Big Mooncake For Little Star” at a noontime book presentation for kids and adults at the Word in Brooklyn as well. All three are not only stupendous talents, but they are humble, effervescent and lovely human beings! (All three winning books were reviewed in this past year’s Caldecott Medal Contender series at WONDERS IN THE DARK). (more…)

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