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by Sam Juliano

With Palm Sunday nearly expired we move now forward to Good Friday, Easter Sunday and a welcome spring break for many.  Warm weather seems to have taken serious hold, while the customary rain during the calendar’s fourth month has also vied for meteorological honors.  At Wonders in the Dark, Jim Clark and J.D. Lafrance have posted some superlative essays in the previous weeks, and this routine will now continue for the remainder of 2019, only intruded by the Third Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival slated for mid-May and planned to conclude on Allan’s birthday near the end of the month on the 28th.  Jamie Uhler will again be chairing this noble venture.  Yours Truly will do the Caldecott series again in September, and some other reviews in film, music, television and even pinball.  Jim Clark’s Ingmar Bergman series has been quite a success, though today the news broke that the great Swedish actress Bibi Andersson, who starred in many of the timeless Bergman films Jim reviewed has passed on at age 83.  R.I.P.

Continued best wishes to our treasured friend the author John Grant of Noirish who is coming along quite nicely after a brief health setback.  The staff would also like to wish Maurizio and his wife congratulations on the coming birth of their first child four months from now!

The Tribeca Film Festival is now only ten (10) days away and Lucille and I are again ready to attend with abandon.  Schedules are presently being pored over.

As longtime pinball fans we are quite excited about this past week’s expected announcement by Jersey Jack Pinball.  The new machine slated to ship to customers and on-location stations is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and my family will be getting the LE Edition.  It is a dream title like no other for reasons I have discussed at this site in prior film reviews and the art, call-outs, music and game play is top-drawer. (more…)

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