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(From L-R): Anthony Boyle, Tom Glynn-Carney, Patrick Gibson and Nicholas Hoult in the film TOLKIEN

by Sam Juliano

Mid-May and warm weather would seem to be synonymous but in the New York City and northeast New Jersey area is has been unseasonably cool and rainy.  Our family are still morning the loss of our Labrador retriever Morgan who passed on Wednesday from a fast moving cancer at 12 years and 8 months old.  We acquired Morgan in late September of 2007 in one of the unlikeliest of scenarios. Lucille and I were heading in to see an opera at the Metropolitan at Lincoln Center and we passed an Animal Rescue trailer, where we stopped briefly. We ended up paying the small fee for a female white/yellow lab puppy named Morgan and the rest is history as they say. Needless to say we gave up our opera that night.  We lost our other (black) lab Joanie three years back. She lived one year less than Morgan. We have a blind pug, a second small dog, three cats, a turtle, an Amazon parrot, a guinea pig, a tortoise and even a chicken but the beloved veteran Morgan will be in our hearts forever.

This week our previous participants will be sent via e mail instructions on the upcoming Allan Fish Online Film Festival which will commence on Tuesday, May 28th (Allan’s 46th birthday).  Jamie Uhler and I will speak on the final specs over the next few days.

This past week I again served as a chaperone for our school district’s annual Washington D.C. school trip which ran from Wednesday morning till late Friday night.  We visited museums, and the many memorials and partook in the extended Capitol and Pentagon tours.  On the way down to D.C. we also stopped briefly in Philadelphia where the kids got to see the Liberty Bell and the First Continental Hall. (more…)

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