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Given that the artwork of this years festival is more personal to Allan’s taste, I figured my pick should follow suit to officially kick Allan Fish OFF 2019! ‘Kick’ seems an apt word, what with the subject matter of my pick for this year. You’ll recall that in years past I’ve used my pick not only to highlight works that I personally love, but that also say something about how I became, and remained, friends with Allan over the several years that I knew him. In 2017 it was Final Cut Ladies and Gentlemen, a kaleidoscopic film whose creation was entirely from old, classic film clips collaged together to form an entirely new narrative. Its purpose in selection obvious; Allan was a man of few peers in his encyclopedic knowledge of film history, watch the film rush past you I compared to conversing with Allan about film, his brain making seamless connections across genre, era, region, and everything in between. While last year, in selecting the Italian comedy classic The Icicle Thief, I moved more towards narrative cinema. But again, a work very much on the nature of watching and interacting with movies. It appeared that in both instances I was sticking to the object that tied Allan and I in the first place: watching movies obsessively.

But, this year I thought differently. (more…)

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Welcome to this, the third annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival (AF OFF 2019)! The festival will begin on Tuesday, May 28th (Allan’s 46th birthday) with a post by me, Jamie, and will (potentially) end on Saturday, June 8th, with a concluding post by Sam Juliano. As with the festivals for the previous two years, we’ll have additional participants honor our late, great film aficionado Allan Fish by curating their own day in the film festival hosted by the site that Allan and Sam called home (and still do), Wonders in the Dark. 

In selecting their work for their specified day, the rules will follow previous years; each day will see a new chairman host the festivities and select a film that is available to be watched by anyone, online for free, from a popular streaming site (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.). The host for that day will decide how the film they chose will be presented; an essay, a sparse teaser introduction, or ‘other’ (the creativity seen on the blogosphere for film commentary knows no bounds as we all know). Thus, conceivably the film festival could be nearly real; people anywhere on the globe watching the same film, at roundabout the same time. (Note: Any type or genre of film can be chosen, as well as films of any length.) (more…)

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