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Screen cap from “The Farewell”

by Sam Juliano

And now August.  The summer’s most emblematic month could last an eternity or wiz by, depending on your mindset.  It is defined by excessive heat, seashore reprieves, back-to-school preparation, and for movie fans gleeful anticipation for the best quarter of the year on that front.  Sobering for me personally is that I will be turning 65 years old as the dog days of summer month winds down.  This past week J.D. Lafrance published a splendid and well-received essay on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s new epic film. Jim Clark’s upcoming filmic investigation is upcoming.  Horror film fans will soon be directing their attention to the pre-Halloween lead-in with annual lists and reviews.  But perhaps I am getting ahead here.  We must try and enjoy the month while we can.

The Film Forum is currently staged a three-week Burt Lancaster Film Festival.  Though I (and some members of my family) have seen just about every film in this expansive program, I took the opportunity to watch two classic Lancasters at the Houston Street theater this past week, and have one or two more lined up for the present seven day span.  Lancaster of course is one of our premium actors. (more…)

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