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A film clip from “The Thing That Kills Me the Most” a short by Jay Giampietro that for the second time this year features me as the central virtual character in a short film that has been chosen for an area festival. However this time it is incredibly for the 57TH ANNUAL NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL which is one of the nation’s most prestigious film fests and the grandaddy of them all. My family and the brilliantly integrated voice of Dennis Polifroni are omni-president in the film shot in my home from footage over 15 years ago.

by Sam Juliano

I don’t remember when the Monday Morning Diary last fell squarely on my birthday but I would assume it had to be seven years ago.  In any case this particular instance is unlike any of the others as I turn 65, that age so often associated with retirement and leisure.  Alas neither of those reticent terms are applicable to my own situation as I remain gainfully employed in the same school system I have been part of for 35 years and remain cognizant and active on the arts front in all regards.  I want to thank all of you who extended your kind words and concern for Lucille on last week’s diary.  It appears that November will be the month for this procedure, one where she will be fully awake for.

Though I am of course enormously proud the prevailing emotion right now is one of stunned disbelief. A short film titled “The Thing That Kills Me the Most” featuring me a second time this year as the central character and my family and close friends in support (and filmed entirely in my Fairview home) has been selected to screen twice in the ultra-prestigious 57TH ANNUAL NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL, the granddaddy of all US film festivals, where it will be shown in the Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center which is a stone’s throw from the Metropolitan Opera house and Avery Fisher Hall. The short’s director is again the incomparably brilliant Jay Giampietro, who utilized footage from around fifteen years ago to craft an impressionist chronicle of the madness surrounding domestic gatherings. To put things in perspective this is the famed festival where Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” will be debuting and to boot in the same celebrated theater. It is just so unreal, it hasn’t yet sunk in for me. I will post a follow-up when ticket announcements are made for the NYFF in a short time. After the short “Best Picture” was chosen for the Brooklyn Academy of Music Festival (BAM), I was so thrilled and proud. But now that this second film has made the ultimate area and East Coast festival I can only thank our lucky stars and the fabulously gifted Jay Giampietro! As to the “exasperated fellow guest” he is a dear friend, and I will release his name hopefully on the next post!

The Thing That Kills Me the Most
Jay Giampietro, USA, 2019, 5m
World Premiere
Faces, voices, light: language itself is rendered abstract in this impressionistic fugue about fraught interpersonal dynamics at a weekly social engagement, narrated in retrospect by an exasperated fellow guest.


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