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Miller’s Crossing

By J.D. Lafrance

Despite opening the New York Film Festival in 1990, Miller’s Crossing was buried by a tidal wave of other gangster films that year, including GoodFellas, King of New York, Dick Tracy and The Godfather Part III. They all drew some kind of buzz or hype, whether it was through controversy, awards or a massive marketing blitzkrieg. The Coen brothers’ film was a modestly budgeted film that did not contain a recognizable movie star like Robert De Niro or Al Pacino for audiences to latch onto and, coupled with a detached, distanced approach to the characters and a densely textured plot with several implicit and explicit events occurring concurrently, Miller’s Crossing became something of a cinematic oddity, a critical darling that was ignored by mainstream audiences.


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With New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Sunday morning in Fairview.

by Sam Juliano

Lucille will be undergoing “radio surgery” this coming Thursday (November 7) at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan for the intended obliteration of a benign tumor (mengioma) on the side of her brain.  While the procedure is routine and she will be out same day, not to mention it is radiation based and non invasion with no cutting, this is still a matter of some concern, or at least it is my mind set at present, even with assurances all will be well.  I will keep some close friends abreast of the situation and will follow up with a post-report next week.  I again want to thank all those who have expressed their heartfelt condolences on the passing my Dad, and also for the loss of my favorite house pet, my Prince of Princes Dylan.  I am trying very hard to focus elsewhere but it remains a challenge.

Jim Clark’s latest great film essay features Clair Denis’ unusual High Life and J.D. Lafrance published a superlative review of the science-fiction classic Them! this past week.

As Election Day approaches all eyes in New Jersey were on Fairview Sunday morning at event attended by 740

Governor Phil Murphy led a gold dust Democratic contingent at Fairview’s La Fortuna Sunday morning in urging voters to get out on this off year election, while simultaneously praising Fairview as a town of leaders and unique political excitement. Bergen County Democratic Chairman Paul A. Juliano, the event’s master of ceremonies announced the Bergen County endorsement of Democratic State Chairman John Currie, who was clearly overwhelmed by the nod, as many other public office holders like State Sen. Nick Sacco, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, freeholders, Mayors and state assemblyman among an astounding 740 in attendance for the pre-election brunch.  (more…)

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