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By J.D. Lafrance

By 1990, David Lynch was at the peak of his popularity and enjoying the most productive period of his career. His television show Twin Peaks had captivated American audiences and he was directing a number of commercials and performance art pieces (Industrial Symphony No. 1). This all culminated with Wild at Heart (1990), an adaptation of Barry Gifford’s novel, which went on to win the coveted Palme d’Or at that year’s Cannes Film Festival. It also helped establish Lynch as America’s premiere cinematic surrealist. At its core, the film is a touching love story between two people whose love for each other remains constant despite all of the obstacles that life throws at them, including an overly-protective mother, a dentally-challenged psychopath, and a grizzled rocket scientist. This film is, oddly enough, Lynch at his most romantic, a rock ‘n’ roll opera with vibrant, fiery imagery.


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Alas, here is my final post—my favorite 25 LPs I heard this year. It was blast presenting this here again (it’s at my blog, in one post also. I also return to the comment field for my lists there and leave the names of records I hear but missed for this deadline for that specific year, so it’s always good to check back every few months if you’re so inclined). I hope it highlights music you’ve loved, or are about to love due to its inclusion here. Happy listening, onward to 2020!

The initial post, 150-51, is here, with 50-26 here.


1. Lightning Bolt – Sonic Citadel
Here, on their first album in years, we find the boys in great spirits. Much has been said about the approachability of the tunes here, almost appearing as something of a Lightning Bolt Pop record. That’s contextual of course, as when you drop the needle the tunes anyone expecting Taylor Swift or Britney Spears is gonna be thoroughly disappointed, this is still the band who do some of the best noise chaos the world has ever bore witness to. Meaning, this is accessibility only on their terms, and the terms they’ve set are thunderous. Perhaps best of all is ‘Air Conditioning’, on the short list for one of my songs of the year; a staccato digital vocal glitch braces the listener for a humongous distorted bass riff, before the song gallops through several movements. Its title implies cooling out, but who can keep the windows shut in the face of this heat? (more…)

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