Archive for March 15th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

Public school systems have been shuttered with home schooling via online options being employed by teachers on call.  Across the nation public events have been cancelled or postponed.  Here in Bergen County, New Jersey movie theaters have been ordered closed and a restaurant ban for patrons eating inside is being considered as of this writing.  I’ve been told by reliable sources this may not come to pass but the fact it is even being entertained says a lot.  Friends in Italy have related horrific stories of stress and the death of people in their buildings which are difficult to even fathom.  Opera houses, music venues, professional sports, and even in two states -Louisiana and Georgia- scheduled primary elections have been postponed.  In view of mounting numbers the fear is palpable, the threat all too real, the containment and quarantine seemingly not wrought by overreaction on any level and at any region.  I am 65 years old and cannot remember anything like this in my lifetime.  If Allan were here to impart his noted witticisms he’d surely buffoon the stories of madness in supermarkets and malls by people now trampling others as if they were in the throws of the apocalypse.  Some feel the precautions are way over the top while others will always prefer to stand by the adage “It is better to be safe than sorry.”  I was prepared to talk about the election, tonight’s planned debate without an audience and the Tuesday elections still on in four states, but interest and all that and other matters seem little more than a diversion, though we need that badly right now. (more…)

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