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by Sam Juliano

Life as we knew it has forever been altered.  Here in the northern New Jersey/New York City Metropolitan area we are hunkered down in the epicenter of the pandemic.  Fear and uncertainty are always heightened when any one of us has to leave for groceries.  A few days a week I head up to the deserted school which hypothetically is just as safe as our own home, since people have ceased entering this building for weeks now.  Shockingly enough my home county of Bergen (NJ) now has more cases (somewhere around 15,000) than 38 of the states.  A small consolation so far is that my home town of Fairview has so far reported 16 cases, but as we all know confirmed cases is contingent upon testing and also on people who show symptoms.  It is reasonable to assume that some have it but never know it and of these a proportion are likely to pass it on if they aren’t diligent with social distancing.  But of course we are hardly unique in this present hot spot, as some of our friends in the Chicago area and just over the Canadian border are now under siege, in addition to our West Coast friends.  As our economy continues to get hammered and the death figures increase (though they are a tiny percentage of those infected) we are all wondering what our prospects are for recovery and if we and our families will be spared a bout with this invisible enemy.  We wish all our readers continued safely and smart decision-making.  It is likely that the stay-at-home situation will be in place for months ahead.  Movies, music and reading are ways to pass time for sure. though as the weather improves cabin fever will be a more than daunting proposition.  But for our lives we must stay the course. (more…)

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by Marco Tremble

Australia; Directed by George Miller; Starring: – Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Steve Bisley, Roger Ward, Hugh Keys-Byrne, Vincent Gill and Geoff Parry.

Mad Max is the underrated phenomenon that started a genre, the first mainstream dystopian fall of society. Set in an Australia with its society on the brink of collapse, terrorized by scores of nomadic biker gangs who have little or no regard human life and policed by young men who have little or no hope of turning the tide yet still they try.

Its here we find Max (an early role for troubled megastar Mel Gibson), involved in the pursuit of a cop-killer called The Nightrider (Vincent Gill). Miller doesn’t actually start the action with our protagonist but rather his colleagues Roop and Charlie.

Roop, indulging his voyeuristic habits through the scope of sniper rifle is called to a hot pursuit of the cop killer whose “wasted a young probie” and stolen one of the Main Force Patrol’s or MFP’s prized cars a pursuit special.  This is where the chase begins, the boys in their super hot, souped up pursuit and interceptor vehicles chase down the Nightrider as he psychotically pontificates over the radio at “The Bronze” as he calls them.

The driving and the action is frenetic and violent and eventually entwines Max’s best friend, the motorcycle cop Jim Goose (Steve Bisley), who after several more accidents low-sides his bike and break’s his leg… Enter Max, we have seen him in brief cut scenes working on his interceptor, but now he enters his own, called by “The Goose” into the pursuit Max plays a high octane, high horsepower game of chicken. This as all games of chicken do ends badly, for The Nightrider that is and so begins our story.

Essentially we have two tales of revenge in this movie; first we have the maniacal Toecutter (Hugh Keys-Byrne) and his gang seeking revenge on Max and his friends and family. It’s this sadistic and prolonged revenge when punctuated by the murder of Goose and Max’s wife and son that sends Max mad. (more…)

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