Archive for April 6th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

The same day-to-day fear and uncertainty has left so many of us while hunkered in concerned about the weekly grocery excursion, armed with masks and gloves.  I stopped listening to the news reports on CNN and other outlets days ago as we are seemingly now at the most critical juncture of the pandemic.  We’ve watched many films and we’ve read quite a bit to try and maintain some semblance of focus.  Of course the entire world is in the grip of the worst health crisis since 1918, so it is certain everyone in sound mind is taking all the proper precautions as we navigate through this challenge, one unprecedented in our lifetimes.  As always readers are encouraged to relate their own weekly activities and thoughts and we implore all to be safe and take as few risks as possible with only food and medicine worthy of opening your front door if your presently unemployed.  Love to all.

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