Archive for May 10th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

Things are looking more hopeful at present but we are still quite a distance from any true comfort or confidence what with other reports warning on future resurgences in several months.  It is difficult to believe anything these days.  I’d like to roundly condemn those right wing extremists who continue to regale those who are trying to keep things safe.  Their arrogant defiance and selfishness has set a new low in our society as they have geared up for a culture war, pitting our very continued existence against freedom. Yes we are all free to die, but I’ll have to take a pass on that proposition.  America needs to roundly reject this behavior at the ballot box and I know I speak for the site’s inner circle (and for most readers) in condemning the MAGA hat wearing, gun toting loons who are trying to lead the conscience of our nation into utter obliteration.

The Allan Fish Online Film Festival will be set to go later this month, though so far there are only four (4) writers who have committed to it:  Roderick Heath; J.D. Lafrance, Jamie Uhler and Yours Truly.  Though even that low number will still enable us to conduct the project, I am hoping when all is said and done we will have at least a few more. (more…)

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