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by Sam Juliano

Here in the Garden State movement to open parks and some businesses is underway in view of dropping case numbers that are presently the lowest since the pandemic began.  With progress of course there is grief and in our local Hudson County Park, one of the largest in North Jersey we have had social distance violations and some park goers hurling insults at sheriff’s officers.  It seems incredible at this late stage that some people are still in denial and downgrading a deadly crisis that has taken almost 85,000 lives in the United States alone.  In any case there is clearly a light at the end of the tunnel now more than ever and many of us have embraced optimism like never before.  Wishing all our readers continued safety and well-being.

The Allan Fish Online Film Festival will begin on Allan’s birthday, May 28th, which this year falls on a Thursday.  We were hoping for at least 7 or 8 participants and still may have that number or more, but unfortunately at this time there are only four (4) rock solid commitments from Roderick Heath, J.D. Lafrance, project founder James Uhler and Yours Truly Sam Juliano.  Normally Jamie sets up the schedule but with the lower number of participants the order is really a no-brainer.  Hence, as usual Jamie will launch the fourth annual tribute to Allan Fish with his own submission on May 28th.  Roderick Heath will be second up on Friday, May 29th, J.D. Lafrance will post on Saturday, May 30th, and Sam Juliano on May 31st.  Robert Hornak is considering a post and a few others may yet respond in the affirmative.  In any event Jamie, Rod, J.D. and Sam now have their official days to move forward with.  Any possible additions will extend the calendar dates.  Thank you so much to all!


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