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by Sam Juliano

Case numbers in my region have been on a steady decline.  While I must reject the claim of a very well-respected local physician who feels the “pandemic is basically done in this area” and I continue to fear a second wave or resurgence, I will admit there is finally evidence to be cautiously optimistic.  Most of my family were given the antibody test this past week and we are waiting for results.  The above photo was taken outside the Fairview office of Dr. Luke Eyerman.  Wishing everyone continued safety!

The 4th Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival will launch on Allan’s May 28th birthday, which is this coming Thursday.  The five post affair will include submissions from Roderick Heath, J.D. Lafrance, Sachin Gandhi, Jamie Uhler and Yours Truly.  The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 28  –  Jamie Uhler
Friday, May 29       –  Roderick Heath
Saturday, May 30   –  J. D. Lafrance
Sunday, May 31     –  Sachin Gandhi
Monday, June 1     –  Sam Juliano
We wish to thank all who have even considered a submission during this exceedingly difficult time, and likewise a salute to the e mail chain who have been respectful and supportive.  To the small group actively participating in the project there can’t be enough appreciation!


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