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Jeremy shown at local Black Lives Matter rally. He attended the event this past week with my other four children.

by Sam Juliano

Racial tensions continue to hold the stage around the nation with another killing in Atlanta on Friday bringing renewed focus on the sad situation that has attracted the eyes of the world at the time the pandemic is still a direct threat to our existence. As to the latter concern, our immediate area is better than it has ever been with hospitalizations down to a trickle and case numbers the lowest they have been though the residual death numbers, carry overs from infection over a month ago (84 yesterday for example) still remind us we can never let down our guard.  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced this past week that summer school programs can move forward and even in person on July 6th to boot.  But the decision as to whether to go with the physical option instead of the virtual one will be left up to the respective school districts.  While no word has yet come down on September it is looking more likely now that school will open at that time, virus resurgences notwithstanding.  Meanwhile around the country there are hotspots reminding us we are far from out of the woods.


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