Archive for July 14th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

We are approaching mid-July and nothing has changed in any resonant manner.  Movie theaters are planning to open soon but many of us, even those with long running attendance will be rushing to risk getting infected.  We all have out DVD/blu ray collections and a bevy of streaming services to fill that void.  While for the time being we are in a better spot than we have been in a very long time in the New York-New Jersey region, much of the rest of the nation is experiencing resurgences and high case numbers.  Deaths too have sadly increased.  The political scene has many of us in disbelief and this week our “wise and witty” Chief Executive is saying that children must attended school in September or they will losing funding.  Derangement of a tall order.

I have been presenting my Top 77 in reverse numerical order of The Twilight Zone with two reviews a day, one in the morning and one at night on Facebook.  On next week’s MMD I will published all that I posted so far.  The project has received amazing support from the show’s fans, and I am thrilled.  Thank you Bobby J. for inquiring, next week you will see the progress so far! (more…)

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