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by Sam Juliano

Now the prognosis on school openings in September is back on uncertain ground as in too many states the virus numbers continue to surge.  I’ve love to be able to paint a rosier picture and express more optimism but there just isn’t enough evidence to do that.  The situation has improved dramatically in our area -we paid our dues after all when we were the epicenter- but there can be no denying that is several areas in the country the virus is totally out of control.  Ah these are such trying times.  If Allan were still here he’d really put the situation in perspective with his inimitable wit, but as it is I’m sure he’s looking down and hoping we make it.

I have decided on the advice of another reader to hold off ten more days and then post my full Twilight Zone Top 78 presentation at the conclusion which is nearing.  I am down to Number 17 (The Masks) today in my second of two posts.  Jim Clark’s new essay will post on Wednesday.

For those who have not yet seen Duane Porter’s stupendous ‘Best of 2019’ presentation (his seventh year in a row at the site) please check it out.  As always an incomparable look at film over a one-year period. (more…)

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