Archive for August 9th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

I would like to thank Bobby Jopsson, Peter Morose, Celeste Fenster and Frank Aida for their concerned messages after the missed Monday Morning Diary this past week.  As I explained on Thursday in my “All is Well” post I got caught up and then we lost power.  It was a maddening week and what with the continuing pandemic woes one of the worst seven days periods I can remember.  We are still in the dark on school openings as it seems experts are envisioning a surge in cases by October.  We remain in a bad way and aren’t remotely out of the woods, neither here in the Metropolitan area, nor in the rest of the country.  I have been busy on my anthology projects on FB and am commencing the latest one on Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. (more…)

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