Archive for August 16th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

August 17th is my Mom’s Birthday. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 72.  She would have been 88 this month.  Hard to believe that this normally torrid summer month is winding down and many of us are left wondering what September will bring.  The last few days I have spent my hours arguing with Trump supporters politely but with teeth on some comments.  I have come to the conclusion you cannot and will not alter the way someone thinks.  Families are even split in their political preferences.  Frankly, God willing that we make it through this pestilence I can’t wait for the madness to end.  It creates stress and tension and deprives us of so many more fruitful pursuits.  Meanwhile the pandemic remains a fearful challenge and it continues to restrict us in more ways than we would like to ponder.  Wishing everyone continued safety and relative peace of mind. (more…)

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