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by Sam Juliano

The four year political horror is over.  Though (as expected) the President and his conspiracy-minded minions are refusing to concede and are shamelessly pointing figures without evidence, the nation and the media have declared the winners, who have thus far -as counting winds down- received five million more popular votes and currently lead  by a proportionately just-as-whopping 306 to 232 in the Electoral College.  At least those are the numbers the race is heading to.  The President continues to do all he can to sow doubt, division and mistrust and as a result the nation will be scarred well into the future.  But most of us can breathe easy and abide by President-Elect Biden’s stirring acceptance speech where he promised to embrace people of all creeds and and tear down the barriers installed during the previous toxic administration.  Across the globe countries are cerebrating en masse.  We are looking looking ahead to a new beginning.  Many thanks to our great friend Mark Smith for all his witty and spot-on political commentary tidbits over the past week.

Jamie Uhler has provided a comprehensive list of horror films that he plans on investigation in the coming weeks and for fans of the genre, what a bonanza this is!  Jamie’s 2020 HorrorFest was his best ever and during these pandemic-ravaged days a fabulous method of immersion. (more…)

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