Archive for November 16th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

The current President refuses to accept defeat but his pathetic attempts at subterfuge are failing by the day and are doomed to embarrassing if sadly debilitating failure. A new and most promising vaccine announcement brings some sunlight to the tensions as the virus continues to surge, leaving many of us with certain Thanksgiving disconnect and beyond the same fat appears likely for the Christmas holidays.  My own film and television projects on FB remain in full force, though watching movies in the theaters has been elusive for an unconscionable nine months.  Best wishes to all in navigating all this madness.  This past week film scholar James Clark published a fabulous essay on Saraband in his continuing and comprehensive Ingmar Bergman series and J.D. Lafrance posted a brilliant review of Martin Scorsese’s 1990 mobland classic Goodfellas.

Thanks again to Jamie Uhler for his spectacular 2020 HorrorFest reviews.  This was quite an extraordinary project and perhaps the best one of all in the annual series.

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