Archive for November 23rd, 2020

by Sam Juliano

Thanksgiving Day 2020.  None of us are in a place we want to be at this time of great stress and uncertainty.  Along with our friends north of border, including our dear friends Valerie and Jim Clark who are in lockdown in the Toronto area we are seeing surging case numbers and spiking mortality rates as COVID-19 spirals out of control for a second time this year.  Most of us will stay hunkered in our homes on Thursday enjoying our Thanksgiving dinners with our immediate family.  For Lucille, my family and I this means breaking a 26 year tradition of spending the day in Butler, New Jersey at the home of Lucille’s sister, where over 70 people normally convene.  There is so much to risk and we will stay put hoping next year will bring the freedom we so badly carve.  Wishing all our friends a Happy Thanksgiving and continued safety! (more…)

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