Archive for November 30th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

As case numbers are surging out of control like no time before since the pandemic began its siege stateside back in March, a vaccine is on the horizon with the initial doses set to distribute to health care workers -and maybe to those at highest risk as well- in a matter of weeks.  The past Thanksgiving Day offered Americans a sobering choice which was either to risk infection with large holiday gatherings or stay solo with the immediate family.  We of course chose the latter and are doing all we can to remains vigilant during this terrifying second wave.

Meanwhile the resident White House psychopath continues to spread his scurrilous lies and baseless conspiracy theories, even as the President-elect has rightly moved on with the transition.  Sadly his equally deranged minions are all too willing to embrace and sponsor all the lies and impossibly preposterous narratives.  (more…)

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