Archive for December 7th, 2020

by Sam Juliano

I’d love to report on some happy developments but sadly we are not yet in such a position.  The pandemic continues to rage and numbers are on the rise daily as businesses are taking a second hit this calendar year.  Theaters are again closing their doors though I for one have stayed clear since late February.  With a lifetime of film going this hiatus is by leaps and bounds the longest ever, and I’m sure many readers can lamentably make the same claim.  In the meantime our deranged commander-in-chief continues to promote baseless claims of voter fraud in an election he lost by over 7 million votes while he is doing nothing during this most awful time in our history.

This past week our resident film scholar Jim Clark has added to his monumental Ingmar Bergman series with a probing, comprehensive account of the film master’s early career gem To Joy.  Yours Truly has finally begun to explore the films that are being touted as Oscar contenders in 2021.  We watched The Trial of the Chicago 7 by Aaron Sorkin Friday night, and I was reasonably impressed.  Strong writing and acting in this largely riveting courtroom drama of events that played out in the late 60s. (more…)

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