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by Sam Juliano

2021 has at all last arrived.  Rarely does one wish ahead in fear of making short shrift of their own lives, but as 2020 was by all estimation the year from hell, one can only hope that the calendar can help with dire situations that reality have not.  On the political scene the resident White House psychopath continues his deranged schemes, aided by a political party destined to become synonymous with sedition and treason years down the line (if not before) and more importantly the immediate panacea to the raging pandemic that continues to compromise life as we have known it since we entered the world.  It has seemed for the longest time that we have been living in a kind of alternate reality and that there will never be a true return to things as we knew.  In any case some of us are hoping to get our chance at the vaccine stateside and in other countries, enabling protection and our role at “herd immunity.”

In any case we trust our treasured friends had a memorable holiday week despite the inherent stress and uncertainty and welcome all to our 13th year of Wonders in the Dark.  Who would have thought it possible this modest, mainly film venture would have persisted as long as it has.  But here we are.  Many thanks to my co-editor James Clark and to writer J. D. Lafrance (both Toronto-area Canadians) for holding the fort on the film end for the past year.  Jim’s monumental Ingmar Bergman series has been a Godsend of scholarship and J.D.’s reviews of American cinema of the past few decades have enlivened these halls immeasurably.  His terrific Popeye review this past week garnered much attention for one.

R.I.P.  Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) on Gilligan’s Island and Gary Marsden of Gary and the Pacemakers.


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