Archive for January 24th, 2021

by Sam Juliano

And so it came to pass.  Inauguration day 2021 has installed some reason and hope in the White House, while the isolated former Chief Executive stews in his Florida estate, still in denial as he faces an impeachment trial for the second time, even though he is out of office.  The nation faces some extraordinarily difficult challenges in the days, weeks and months ahead in negotiating the raging pandemic and how to administer vaccines to a population still largely unattended on the inoculation front.  Our new President the ever-reasonable and confident Joseph R. Biden Jr. has signed a slew of executive orders, practically every one a huge step in the right direction, especially the return to the Paris Accord and the WHO.  The prior President of course put us at odds with the rest of the world during his divisive four year tenure and our government needs to reverse so many dubious or outright terrible decisions. Meanwhile the arrests continue as the FBI zero in on the criminal perpetrators of the unconscionable assault on our Capitol building on January 6th. (more…)

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