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by Sam Juliano

While so many of us are tying hard to re-focus on what has always mattered the most to us in our lives, we continue to be diverted by the political fireworks, the latest of which centers around the coming impeachment and the truly deranged right wing Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has fueled heinous conspiracy theories, even one denying the Newtown massacre really ever happened.  Meanwhile the vaccine situation has been complicated further by variants from other countries, making full protection, even for those who took or are taking the Pfeizer or Moderna much more uncertain at this time.  As we await a snowstorm set to hit in our parts in the wee hours of Monday (the day of this MMD) our local school system continue to operate virtually with no set date for the physical return of students and their teachers.  Lucille needs to have a second meningioma attended to perhaps as early as March via the non-invasive radio surgery.  Like the other she had done and like most meningiomas it is non-cancerous and the preponderance of second or third occurrences after the first is very high.

As I have stated numerous times, 1971’s The Last Picture Show is my favorite American movie of the last 50 years and my sponsorship of it is unrelenting. One of it’s great stars, Cloris Leachman who played jilted lover Ruth Popper (an Oscar win) passed away today at age 94. She was also well remembered in TZ’s “It’s a Good Life” and in many other roles including of course The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  The following day another acting icon, Cicely Tyson, who was nominated for Best Actress in Sounder also passed away.

J.D. Lafrance published a masterful essay on Robert Siodmak’s The Killers this past Thursday at the site.


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