Archive for February 15th, 2021

by Sam Juliano

We all knew of course that the impeachment trial would end up the way it did and that partisanship would eclipse any valid evidence of treasonous insurrection on behalf of our former commander-in-chief.  Following the proceedings daily cost some of us time we could have devoted to other hobbies at this time of indoor retreat, but it seemed necessary.  Still, the acquittal will not put all the legal matters to rest and Trump is up against lawsuits in a number of states.  Virus numbers have finally began to subside in a number of areas as more and more people are vaccinated.  In my own home town schools will be opening for students on March 1st, though all indicators point to a much lower number of students attending at the outset.  Valentine’s Day provided Lucille and I the opportunity to enjoy a splendid dinner locally.  I trust many of our friends had a marvelous day as well.

This past week we had some fabulous essays, one from Lee Price on “Phil Moore” and the other a film piece on Less Than Zero from J.D. Lafrance. (more…)

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