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by Sam Juliano

Though I traveled up to and spent time every single day at the school my wife and I are employed at during this “down” time, today marks the “official” return of the district teachers with next Monday the date when the students will come back.  Parental forms however indicate maybe a third of the kids will actually be attending that day.  Many parents are still leery about the pandemic situation and have opted to wait longer.

A domestic drama played out this past week during another snow siege when one of our beloved felines, a male cat named Noel snuck out of our home through an inadvertently left open back door on Tuesday (February 9) and remained lost until Saturday evening when he returned through our purposely left open basement door after four full days outside in awful weather and heavy snow.  We spent all weak scouring the area, driving around for hours and searching yards and driveways with flashlights in what was quite a harrowing experience.  Yes we are out of control when it comes to pets (7 cats, one very small dog who thinks he is a cat, two turtles, a guinea pig, an older Amazon parrot and a large cage (though at the school) with eight parakeets.  On Saturday evening we were all over the moon!

This past week our esteemed guest writer and friend Lee Price contributed the second part of his brilliant Phil Moore series:  “Phil Moore is Tops, Part 2:  Animating Race.”

Lucille and I watched three 2020/2021 films this past week on the streaming services, and happy to say all were very good! (more…)

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