Archive for February 28th, 2021

by Sam Juliano

We really do have reason to be optimistic in view of the lowering of cases and hospitalizations which most attribute to the rising number of vaccinations.  Students are returning today (Monday) to our own school district and after so many months of consternation and uncertainty (documented on this MMD week after week after week) a sense of normalcy is no longer a long shot.

This past week was a busy one at Wonders in the Dark.  Jim Clark added a stupendous essay in his long-running, authoritative and prolific Ingmar Bergman series with a trenchant piece on 1960’s The Devil’s Eye; J.D. Lafrance published a fabulous essay on George Steven’s 1956 American classic Giant; and Lee Price concluded his magnificent Phil Moore exploration with Part 3:  Phil Moore is Top of the Charts!

The Golden Globes are set to air on Sunday evening and I will revise on Monday Morning as a result of my posting the MMD a day early as I sometimes do.  Lucille and I watched two more 2020/2021 films via streaming this past week and I reviewed The Devil’s Eye on blu ray to better prepare for my reading of Jim’s superlative essay. (more…)

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