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      The films of Claire Denis concentrate upon Herculean endeavors coming to grief with a deficit of consummation. For her, it’s the quiet notice that makes the difference. In that sense, she attends to sustaining the problematics of Ingmar Bergman.

Those ironical dramatic actions, of course, do not attain to the full depth at his command. But, on the other hand, Denis has brought the alarm to the new century. The fine classical musical gems and associations do have a perennial freshness. But Denis, to her credit, has an instinct to freshen up a new (crushingly rare) era of lovely toil, pertaining to a more persistent sensuality. The contrast is less about quality than about quantity. Bergman was a genius about the forces of dialogue shaking the universe, even when no one on earth was paying any attention. Denis, in an era of anything goes, wants to train effective emotion. (more…)

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