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by Sam Juliano

And the beat goes on mostly in a positive vein.   Vaccinations continue at a record pace and more and more who were originally adverse are now playing the game as it should be played.  President Biden is targeting May 1st as the expectation date for widespread vaccine administration and the summer in a general sense as the time when everything as we know it will be very close to the way it was before the pandemic disrupted daily living in March of 2020.  Some of us have been able to re-visit restaurants, albeit carefully and are mulling theater appearances after a year of forfeiting that option due to mass closures and personal choice.

I am well aware that a good number of our readers and even some on our writing staff have a very low opinion of the Academy Awards and our dearly beloved Allan Fish aimed some of his most scathing (and humorous) barbs on the annual tradition.  I still find them fun to follow (and laugh at as well) providing of course they are not taken seriously and have long used the event as a manner to get many friends together for a party, friends who I may not have seen in the preceding year.  After forty-three consecutive years however, we will lamentably not be hosting a party this year because the pandemic has still not quite run its course and even with many vaccinated it poses a medium risk to hold a gathering in a limited space.  God willing we expect to have the party return in 2022, so we can start a new streak.  In any event, because of the limitations imposed on us this year in every sense it is pretty much clear enough to figure out what the best films of the year are (films we watched via the streaming services) and predicting Monday morning’s nominees is not too challenging remotely.  I plan to revisit this MMD mid-day tomorrow to add a few sentences on the actual nominations, due to be announced around 8:20 A.M. EST. (more…)

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