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Screen capture from Tarkovsky’s “Stalker,” reviewed magnificently this past week by co-Editor Jim Clatk

by Sam Juliano

We are inching closer to the Fifth Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival, launching on May 28th.  The turnout for this year’s installment is the best ever, and a glowing answer to the idea that blogsites are losing momentum.  As always one presentation will be posted a day until completion.  We at Wonders in the Dark are greatly excited about the venture which was founded by Jamie Uhler.  He will as per tradition, be writing the first entry.

This past week, Jim Clark penned a spectcular essay on Andrei Tarkovsky’s Russian masterwork, Stalker.

I am very thrilled to announce the imminent completion of my fiction novel “Paradise Atop the Hudson,” a 70,000 word plus young adult work about two friends on opposite sides of the tracks growing up in Fairview from 1965 to 1971.  There is humor, heartbreak and intricate family dynamics and some unexpected narrative events in the pointedly set work incorporating real people, places and occurrences, but played out in purely fictional terms.  The novel is nearly complete, with only two weeks or so remaining to wind things up.  I am presently exploring all my publishing options.


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