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by Sam Juliano

I’d like to express my deepest appreciation to all who have offered support and congratulations for the imminent publication of my first novel, Paradise Atop the Hudson.  It is nearly complete, but the formidable task of proofreading and arranging the chapters -almost 40- will mean a few more weeks.  I am seriously thinking of publishing on Amazon to get it out there, and then sending out to other publishers.  I am well aware of the enormous difficulties in getting a traditional publisher (and that’s an understatement) but as I say I may get the ball rolling with amazon, an option that many authors have spoken of highly.  I began this journey in early January, and have worked morning to night, at school and at home hitting letter keys till my hands hurt.  I believe it will fall just short of 80,000 words when all is said and done.  I also need to firm up an artist willing to do the cover, which I will request include an amusement park Wild Mouse roller coaster, and the depiction of two boys, one eighteen and one seventeen, the older a strong and heavy bully-type, the other a slight, five foot seven delicate boy.  Valerie and Jim Clark, your undying support has been astounding.

This past week J.D. Lafrance penned an extraordinary review on 1958’s The Lineup.

The Fifth Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival will launch this coming Friday, Allan’s birthday with the opening post as always by project founder Jamie Uhler.  We have a nine-person lineup that will take the venture to June 5th.  Greatly looking forward to what will surely be another fantastic showcase of film scholarship. (more…)

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