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Screen cap from my favorite film of Tribeca this year, “The Last Film Show”

by Sam Juliano

Father’s Day was ushered in with gorgeous weather in and around New York City.  Mask wearing has greatly diminished as the USA, Canada and most of the world is moving forward with confidence.  We have finally turned the corner.

Lucille and I watched several more Tribeca films this week as the festival draws to a close on Sunday (June 20, the day of this writing).  Next year everything should be back to normal, and God willing Lucille and I will be able to appear in person as we did for eight year prior to COVID 19.  This evening we will finally watch the acclaimed musical IN THE HEIGHTS.

Thank you many times over to Valerie Clark for her cherished glowing response to “Paradise Atop the Hudson,” which is crawling along now with a commissioned artist and editor at work.  Next up, a graphic designer for the titles, spine and back cover work.  This project is still months away from finality, though if I opt to wait for a traditional publisher, it will be even longer.


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