Archive for June 28th, 2021

by Sam Juliano

A short while before Allan Fish’s untimely passing we discussed his book.  I suggested to him that I publish a batch of his reviews not yet ported over to the site.  He told me that I had his files and could proceed if his book was held up from publication for a lengthy period.  As his passing is now approaching five years, and his book remains sadly in limbo I feel it is time to introduce some of his reviews, which I will select at random with an eye to diversity.  I can never hope to publish even a fraction of what remains, but I’ll treat our readers and fans of his work to reviews not yet seen.  I think that is the least we can do to keep his legacy alive.

This past week Jim Clark published a brilliant essay on Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev.

Summer school in my district begins on Thursday, and I will again be teaching a class.  At age 66 I am still plugging way.  Ha!

Lucille and I saw a film in a Manhattan theater on Sunday night.  This marks the first time in the city since March of 2020. (more…)

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