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by Sam Juliano

Just when we thought everything was headed in the right direction we are now are facing a new reality.  The Delta Varient has made its mark statewide and the numbers are again rising in most states and many countries around the globe.  We should have known there is a downside to every seeming celebration.  Of course those who have been fully vaccinated can be fairly confident they won’t be taken down by this unwelcomed encore, but some have still had to fight it off.  A few close friends reported they tested positive this past week, even though they were vaccinated months ago.  Wishing everyone to stay safe and be careful.

My own summer school classes are moving along nicely, and will continue until August 6th.  We have a short three day vacation planned in mid August in Wildwood, New Jersey.  It would have been longer, but we are being cautious and have too many pets at home to attend to.

This past week James Clark published a magnificent essay on Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood, which is surely one of his best ever.  And that’s saying something!  His entire series on the great Russian director has been first-rate.

My three boys liked the Marvel movie Black Widow quite a bit but I will quote my dear friend and high school English teacher Patrick Shelley, who felt the same way I did:  To quote Sam Juliano, “worthless, utter  drivel. Explosions galore.” The only good thing for me was the buttered popcorn. Did you ever see a movie where you wanted the main characters to die, any possible way: quicksand, electrocutions, beheading? Fortunately, I had no popcorn and walked out with 45 minutes reaming.


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