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by Sam Juliano

The Merriam-Webster definition of watercress is as follows:  “a perennial cress (Nasturtium officinale) native to Europe and southwestern Asia that is naturalized in the U.S. and has leaves used especially in salads or as a potherb.”

The physical manifestation of the exotic foodstuff provides the narrative centerpiece of Andrea Wang’s Watercress, but in an expansive sense it embodies love of family, the power of memory and how a simple ritual at the dinner table can shape and redefine life moving forward.  An aching melancholia underscores a story about childhood resistance and the inherent embarrassment one may feel when reminded of a past replete with struggle and little means to get by.  Wang’s descriptive poetry weaves a sustained mood and tone, but also, as attested by the story’s parental figures telling verisimilitude.  The author’s language is so precisely crafted and suffused with emotion, and it potently establishes atmosphere and coaxes sensory immersion through descriptive language and lovely similes. (more…)

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