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by Sam Juliano

On Saturday evening at 6:00 P.M. Fairview held a 20th Anniversary 9-11 ceremony outside the bank on Fairview Avenue.  Hearing public officials, clerics, firemen, policemen, service organization veterans and relatives of 9-11 victims talk about the fateful days twenty years ago that changed life as they knew it, made many of us proud to live in Fairview, a town that always went the extra yard in honoring its residents past and present. Patriotic and emotional songs, several from ace singer Bob Bannon, were interspersed with wrenching speeches from family members of several Fairview and Cliffside Park residents who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks, and representatives from the elected body, some of whom related their own stories of that terrible day.

Past Fairview Fire Chief Michael Mesisca, an excellent speaker for decades in his numerous community leadership positions, delivered powerful oratory, surely the most masterful of the ceremony by wide agreement, in describing how his close friend, beloved Little League coach Cliff Russell died of cancer after contacting the illness after helping others at ground zero. Two siblings of victims Diane Lipari and Daniel Correa spoke of how their lives were changed and how time has failed to diminish the grief they feel every single day of their existence. Another relative, the grandson of window washer Roko Camaj’s sister, spoke of his fearless performance atop the towers and how his loss made the world so much poorer.
9-11 Chairman Al DeMuro pulled off an event that will surely go down in the Fairview Hall of Fame, with able assistance from Board of Education member Ken Schmidt, and DPW Commissioner Paul Juliano. Board member Angelo D’Arminio and Councilman Russell Martin also served on that committee. Mayor Bellucci and Our Lady of Grace Church Pastor Peter Sticco delivered speeches and Fireman Eugene Nappi concluded the program, reading a poem.
The community spirit and fellowship of this day are proof parcel the old magic has never really left our beloved town.
Jim Clark published a stupendous essay on Antonioni’s masterpiece L’Avventura this past Tuesday at the site.
Nothing has yet changed with my own upcoming publication of Paradise Atop the Hudson.  I wrote a bit more of the second novel Irish Jesus in Fairview, but I have deliberately slowed up so I can space both books by a  few months.  I am speculating early October for the first and early January for the second.
Jamie Uhler will be back again this year with his fascinating HorrorFest reviews.  He usually starts in early September and runs the capsule review series until early November.  For horror fans this is a major annual treat!
The Russian/Soviet film polling ends today (Monday, September 13th) at 5:00 P.M.  Incredibly, 40 ballots were cast to this point.  I will have the results tomorrow (Tuesday) and will published them next week.  We will next be tackling the Greatest films from Australia/New Zealand and I expect next week’s diary will tempt some to make their own list of fifteen (15).


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