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by Sam Juliano

The weather in the metropolitan area is finally turning fall-like, and with it a reminder that our favorite time of the year also signals Halloween, the World Series, the best of the movie crop and pumpkin pie are imminent.  Well, lets nix the last (at least for me) as I am Type 2 and have said goodbye to sugar deserts now, and as far as the baseball “Fall Classics” the absence of our Yankees makes things a bit less passionate.  Ha!  Anyway, thank you as always to the Clarks, Valerie and Jim, and to Marilyn Ferdinand and a few others for expressing some concern about Sammy IV, who is doing quite fine right now, and is seemingly getting the proper meds for his migraine/vitamin deficiency condition.  We are all relieved beyond words.

I managed to complete another full chapter this past week of Irish Jesus in Fairview (“Jimbo Finds God”) and finally got the full color (cover) sketch design for Paradise Atop the Hudson from the artist after an extremely long delay.  This bodes well with publication, hopefully in a few weeks at most.  But I have said that kind of thing before, so I really can’t say for sure. I have featured this preliminary design here on this MMD for the first time.

Incredibly, over fifty (50) full ballots have been cast in the Italian film balloting, which continues until this coming Friday, October 15th at 5:00 EST.  For those interested in what country or region will be explored AFTER the Italian poll, the answer is…….Germany.  And again we will be asked voters to name twenty (20) films either chronologically, alphabetically or ranked numerically.

J.D. Lafrance published a terrific review of Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter this past week at the site.

Jamie Uhler has been on a roll with his stupendous capsule reviews of current, classic and trashy horror films, and I am thrilled to post several more this week in his continuing, always-pined for annual project. (more…)

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