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Screen cap from “Halloween Kills” seen Friday night at Ridgefield Park multiplex

American actor Johnny Depp on the set of Sleepy Hollow, based on the story by Washington Irving and directed by Tim Burton.  (Jamie Uhler reviews the film this week in his ongoing 2021 “Horrorfest” at the site.

by Sam Juliano

Two weeks to Halloween, and the seasonal weather has been cooperating as of late.  My own coverage for the Caldecott Medal Contender series has temporarily stalled what with some vital matters needing to be attended to with the imminent publication (on Amazon) of my maiden novel Paradise Atop the Hudson.  My dear Canadian friend and muse Valerie Clark has long gently urged me to prioritize the venture and after the cover art was finally completed I now need to meet on Friday evening with the ace School of Visual Arts student at an art exhibition run by my artist Andrew Castrucci in Manhattan, who will be doing the book’s titles, author and back panel blurb as well as the book’s spine.  The big news this past week is that out of nowhere Amazon is now offering a hardcover option to go with the kindle and paperback ones.  This unexpected announcement, related to me by my California friend Jeffrey Wang means I will now offer the book in all three formats.  Obviously the HC version will have to be more expensive, but I do know of some people who informed me they much prefer to have it that way.  Still, my expectations are that the paperback and the kindle options will do better.  But I desire to have all three on the table.  Needless to say I was not able to spend any time this past week on the second novel Irish Jesus in Fairview, but I am well on the way with that one, and there will be no problem getting it done as soon as I am freed from the demand of the publication at hand.  Since I will be deliberately holding that one back until early 2022, I have no pressure.

This past week the fantastic results to the Italian Film Polling were posted here at the site, and the very next day the new Best German Films Polling has gone up.  The the many who have cast ballots on these unexpectedly popular projects, we thank you!

 Halloween Kills, seen Friday night at the Ridgefield Park multiplex was as I expected an unmitigated disaster, but as I was “lured in against my better judgement” I can’t take the blame!  Ha!  The new James Bond film, No Time to Die, watched in the same theater on Saturday night was passable entertainment, though not really anything to write home about.   * 1/2 and *** are my ratings for both. (more…)

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